OISE Has Great Marketing Gimmicks but Little Credibility

OISE Young Learners is all about making learners bring out their best in English study and instruction. They have been in operation since 1973 and have marketed themselves as a true global leader in providing intensive English studies for students who don’t have a native English background. The school’s love for profit is obvious as attested by many the many complaints forwarded by its staff and former students.

The living conditions are deplorable and the pay is not worthy of an institution that places much emphasis on results. The management has often been accused of ignoring the plight of teachers and students and as an effect, they can’t attract or retain any top talent. The school charges an arm and a leg for its services but these expensive costs are never effected nor reflected in any of their developments. The school also promises a learning ecosystem in which learning can be enabled to thrive but this is rarely the case as most folks on campus are Russian. Why is there such an indifference to educational standards here?

Many teachers have complained about the low wages and the terrible study conditions imposed on students but their complaints have been to no avail. Also of note is how the school gets past the building and living code especially in a strict jurisdiction such as Oxford. Where are all the profits going? The profit issue is echoed by the way the school treats its staff. The teachers are grossly underpaid and they have no other benefits other than a measly hourly wage. The school charges up to 90 dollars an hour for tuition in some of its courses, probably in a class of 20 students. If a teacher is paid less than 20 dollars an hour for their service and the franchise makes 1800 dollars for the hour, where are they utilizing these profits?

Some of the suggestions that staff and parents have had always revolve around the same. It is not just a smear campaign for them. The school has a high staff turnover and this is explained by the senior management’s inability to govern properly and focus on service delivery rather than profits. The insane profit margins should be a cause for alarm and the OISE management should be investigated for such terrible service. There are codes that need to be satisfied with regards to buildings, student housing, staff welfare and the educational standards, but it seems the company has been able to avoid all bad publicity for the last few decades.

Students and teachers should be able to live and work in a comfortable environment. OISE purposely disregards any ideals that should be upheld for these folks and have a bad reputation for sweeping things under the rag. With the terrible living and working conditions, it is a wonder the school hasn’t been reproached yet. Students and teachers are unmotivated and lives are at major risk.

Something needs to be done urgently.

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